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Tired of the grill already?

The 4th of July is over and if you are tired of cooking and trying to find something everyone wants 1830 Chophouse has a suggestion. We are featuring one of my favorite freshwater fish this weekend and it should be on your list to try. Ruby Trout is a wonderful fish to catch as well as cook and is versatile enough to stand up to many different cooking methods. The fish is a member of the salmon family but has a more mild taste and texture than its larger relatives.

We will be preparing the trout by pan-searing it with our house seasoning and then finishing it with our garlic thyme butter. We will top the fish with sauteed asparagus, portabella mushrooms, and oven-roasted tomatoes to add layers of flavor and texture without overwhelming the delicate taste of the fish.

This is a wonderful dish and I hope you will join us to try one this weekend. After all, there is no need to cook every meal for the holiday.

Shawn Sublette

Executive Chef

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